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Probate is something no one looks forward to handling. In Florida, when a loved one passes away, the probate court will supervise the process of distributing their estate. This process can be both stressful and time-consuming, and even more difficult because of the grieving process. The help of a qualified probate attorney can alleviate the stress of the probate court process and help you move swiftly forward.

Amy L. Phillips, PLLC offers the best probate law services in the Winter Haven, Florida area. Let our skilled professionals help you with your probate issues and resolve the complex difficulties that often arise in the realm of probate court and asset distribution. 

About Amy L. Phillips, PLLC

With Amy L. Phillips, PLLC, you’ll receive the best probate advocacy in the Winter Haven and surrounding area. Client satisfaction drives our firm, and we always give you and your case the specialized attention you deserve. Attorney Phillips is a member of various family legal organizations. With a law degree and Master of Laws degree in Elder Law, she offers top-of-the-line services that remain sensitive to your family’s situation.

Amy L. Phillips, PLLC is a cut above the rest. You will receive only the finest legal services when you work with our firm--because nothing is more important than your family’s well-being.

Amy L. Phillips, PLLC Practice Areas

Our stellar legal team has years of experience dealing with the complexities of probate issues. A probate attorney can help you determine if your loved one’s will or estate document is valid. If there are associated debts, a lawyer can help you determine which ones the estate should settle. If you are looking to prepare for probate court in the future, an experienced probate lawyer such as those at the firm of Amy L. Phillips, PLLC, can help you organize your loved one’s estate to make it easier down the road.

Probate issues are complex and can become overwhelming. You need an attorney who is familiar with the intricacies of Florida probate law and can help you file the right documents at the right time. Our legal team also offers will and trust preparation, elder law services, and counsel in related areas such as life estate deeds, estate planning, guardianship, and Medicaid qualification. We look out for your best interests in all of these critical family law practice areas. 

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