Florida Estate Planning Services

Estate planning in Florida is the process of managing, allocating, and protecting your assets and property. It is vitally important to have a functional estate plan for your future, since it will tell your loved ones what to do should you fall ill or pass away. Without an estate plan, you could be putting the future of your estate, and legacy, at risk.

By working with a qualified estate planning attorney, you can create the optimal estate plan for your needs. Your estate plan might include:

  • Will. Your Last Will and Testament reveal how your assets will be distributed when you pass away. It can also be used to designate guardians for minor or disabled children.
  • Durable Power of Attorney. This document allows you to designate a person to make important financial decisions for you if you become incapacitated.
  • Healthcare Surrogate Designation. You can easily designate a healthcare surrogate, or someone who will make health-related decisions for you, if you become incapacitated. You can elect to have certain care given to you after health issues occur.
  • Living Will. In Florida, a living will enables you to leave instructions for your health treatment in the event you become unable to care or communicate for yourself. Your healthcare surrogate will use this document as a map for your care. 
  • Universal HIPAA Release. This document allows your healthcare surrogate to access and share your health records in the event you become incapacitated.  
  • Life Estate Deeds. When you need to allocate real property to your loved ones in Florida, you can do so through enhanced life estate deeds. A life estate deed will keep the property under your control until your passing, then will transfer the property automatically to your loved ones without the requirement of probate.
  • Trusts. There are many types of trusts, but they all share one thing in common: they exercise control over your property after you become incapacitated or for a period of time after your death, rather than property being placed directly into the hands of your heirs.

The Law Office of Amy L. Phillips, PLLC has helped countless clients set up their estate plans and protect their future in Florida. We can assist you in drafting a will, creating powers of attorney, and ensuring transfer of property with ease.

To get in touch with an estate planning attorney in Florida today, simply contact the Law Office of Amy L. Phillips, PLLC by phone at 863-268-8292 or click [here] to set up your first fully confidential consultation.

Estate Planning Packages

All estate planning packages are flat-fees and include the following, with no hourly billing:

  • In depth assistance with gathering necessary information prior to consultation,
  • Phone calls/emails during the drafting process,
  • Signing meeting including notary, witnesses,
  • Copies, delivery of documents

Premium Trust Package – Long-Term Care Focused:

  • Includes all of what is in Intermediate Will Package +
  • trust may be an irrevocable asset protection trust,
  • additional time spent meeting with adult children,
  • summary of long-term care planning options for the future,

Individual: $5,000 | Married: $6,000

Premium Trust Package – Young Family Focused:

  • includes all of what is in Intermediate Will Package +
  • power of attorney for childcare,
  • inclusion of guardian provisions throughout the plan,
  • personalized childcare plan,
  • confidential letter regarding desire to exclude a caregiver (if needed).

Individual: $5,000 | Married: $6,000

Living Trust Package:

  • Includes all of what is in Living Documents Package +
  • Revocable Living Trust and all associated documents
  • One deed transferred to trust, including recording fee
  • Up to 1 hour of communication between legal staff and financial planners, advisors, and CPAs
  • Trust binder with originals and additional resources for family in the future
  • Up to two sets of paper copies (upon request)

Individual: $3,800 | Married: $4,500

Intermediate Will Package:

  • Includes all of what is in basic +
  • Will may be more complex (e.g. trust for minors, contingent special needs trust),
  • Thumb drive including PDFs of all documents,
  • Inclusion of personal property in will when necessary.

Individual: $2,700 | Married: $3,250

Basic Will Package:

  • Will (outright to beneficiaries, no trusts),
  • Durable Power of Attorney,
  • Healthcare Surrogate Designation + Living Will + Universal HIPAA Release,
  • Originals returned and PDFs emailed to client or family.

Individual: $1,500 | Married: $2,000

Stand-alone Documents

Stand-alone documents, such as a power of attorney, deed, or will that is not part of a full package, begin at $350.00 and up, depending on complexity