Auburndale Area Elder Law Attorney

Approaching your retirement years and beyond is exciting, but this milestone may present some legal challenges as well. You can conquer the obstacles of preparing for long-term care, Medicaid qualification, and healthcare planning more quickly with the help of a qualified elder law attorney.

Amy L. Phillips, PLLC provides top-notch elder law services for those who need help with “gray” issues in Auburndale, Florida. Our team offers long-term planning and preparation, guidance in important application processes, and the legal support you need to move through your legal processes and look forward to your golden years. 

About Amy L. Phillips, PLLC

Serving clients in the Auburndale area, Amy L. Phillips, PLLC helps clients plan ahead and work toward their goals in estate planning and elder law. We strive to maintain a high level of client satisfaction, keeping our clients’ cases moving forward as they pursue their goals. Our firm is proud to maintain a compassionate, transparent, and effective legal approach for clients of all backgrounds.

Our office’s founder, Attorney Phillips, is a member of the Florida Bar Elder Law Section and several other family legal organizations. With both a law degree and Master of Laws degree in Elder Law, Attorney Phillips works with clients to combat any financial issues, planning, or other elder legal issues they may face. 

Amy L. Phillips, PLLC Practice Areas

The elder law attorneys of Amy L. Phillips, PLLC offer expert elder law services to clients in the Auburndale area. Whether you have questions about a certain process or need advice moving into your retirement years, our legal team will help. Our office helps clients plan and prepare essential documents, plan for long-term care, prepare and pursue caretaker services, preserve your estate, and qualify for Medicaid. 

At Amy L. Phillips, PLLC, we understand just how daunting elder law tasks can be, especially when it comes to designating loved ones to take care of you in case of an emergency or qualifying for a healthcare process like Medicaid. That’s why we offer step-by-step solutions that work for your unique situation. With our team by your side, you can face the days ahead with confidence and reassurance. 

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When you need an elder law firm you can trust, call on Amy L. Phillips, PLLC. Our office is happy to answer your questions, provide your best next steps, and offer expert legal solutions that work for you and your family. To get started in the Auburndale area today, contact our office by phone at 863-268-8292. We look forward to serving you.