Pittsburgh Area Probate Attorney

Probate, or the court-supervised process of distributing the assets of a person who has passed away, has the unfortunate reputation of being complex, lengthy, and stressful. But by working with a qualified probate attorney in the Pittsburgh area, you can greatly minimize the time and frustration you spend on working through your probate process. 

Even if you’ve never dealt with probate before, the probate attorneys of Amy L. Phillips, PLLC can help you move through the process efficiently and thoroughly. We serve clients across the Pittsburgh area to help them find the customized solutions they need for probate and estate planning. Our office will provide information, help you prepare for the days ahead, and keep you looking forward to the future. 

About Amy L. Phillips, PLLC

Amy L. Phillips, PLLC has served the Pittsburgh area for years, providing estate planning and probate legal services for many different cases. Our team is mission-driven and forward-focused, which means your case will always be moving in the right direction. The staff of Amy L. Phillips, PLLC is proud to maintain a high level of client satisfaction for both probate and estate planning matters.

In fact, Attorney Phillips is a member of the Florida Bar Elder Law Section and several other family legal organizations to ensure she serves clients with the most up-to-date and effective legal services. With her law degree and Master of Laws degree in Elder Law, she provides only the best probate services to clients of all backgrounds, ages, and circumstances. 

Amy L. Phillips, PLLC Practice Areas

Amy L. Phillips, PLLC offers comprehensive probate services to clients in the Pittsburgh area, and offers select services virtually to clients across the nation. After learning more about your case, we’ll customize our legal solutions to fit your unique probate needs, including helping you to prepare and process documents, discover important financial details, pay off debts and creditors, and properly file documents by the deadline. 

In working with probate clients for years, we highly recommend getting started early and working with a probate attorney to move through the probate process quickly and with minimal risk. We’ll help you meet all the important deadlines so your case doesn’t get delayed, and provide the pertinent legal services and support you need. 

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When you need a probate attorney you can trust in the Pittsburgh area, don’t delay in contacting Amy L. Phillips, PLLC. Our firm is ready to provide top-notch probate services for your unique situation. To get started today, simply give our office a call at 863-268-8292. We look forward to serving you.