What Will Happen with Your Passwords, Usernames and Security Questions When You’re Gone??

Most people have thought about how their assets will be distributed when they die, yet passwords, usernames and security questions are typically overlooked. It is important to plan for the manner in which your online accounts will be handled after you pass away, as managing these accounts has the potential to become quite the nightmare for your loved ones. Truly comprehensive estate planning accounts for the distribution of assets as well as detail-oriented planning that sets the stage for family members to properly manage the decedent’s online accounts.

Start Planning Now

Though no one wants to think about the prospect of death, it is important to do so long before your final day. Sit down with your significant other and family members to let them know about all your important online accounts. From investment accounts to online banking accounts, web-based accounts for utility bills and life insurance accounts, there are numerous passwords, usernames and security questions that only you have access to or can answer. If you do not  provide your loved ones with this vitally important information, they won’t be able to access your online accounts after you pass away, creating quite the mess that compounds stress during an already difficult time.

As long as you trust your significant other or loved ones with the usernames, passwords and answers to security questions for your online accounts, there is no harm in giving them that information before your death. This way, your family will have all the information they need to access your internet-based accounts, view/print important documents after you pass away and ultimately close those accounts on your behalf.

Plan Ahead to Make Life Easier for Your Loved Ones

The alternative to planning ahead is to keep your online account information completely private and force your family to piece together the puzzle of your accounts after you depart this plane of existence. Keep in mind that several websites, such as Yahoo, require the family of the deceased to write, sign and send a letter requesting access to the decedent’s account. Many websites also require proof that the decedent appointed the individual in question as his or her legal representative, a copy of the death certificate and additional documentation.

There is no sense forcing your significant other or offspring to search through all your paperwork and make countless phone calls to the companies where your accounts are held in order to bring about complete closure after your death. Make things easy for your family with truly comprehensive estate planning that addresses all your login information, and they will be liberated to focus on honoring your life rather than sorting through your online accounts.

Instead of forcing your family to jump through these hoops, meet with our estate planning attorney to get the ball rolling on your comprehensive estate plan to tie up every possible loose end. We will help you document all your accounts, organize relevant information and develop a custom-tailored plan for the distribution of all your assets. Once your estate plan is prepared, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing you have done your part to prepare your family for life without you.

If you or your loved ones do not have an estate plan in place, it is time to establish one. Our legal team is here to help you plan for the proper distribution of your hard-earned assets as well as provide your passwords, usernames and other important data to a trusted family member in a truly seamless manner.

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