Florida Probate Lawyer

Probate, the court-supervised process of distributing the assets and paying the debts of a person who has passed away, can be a lengthy and strenuous procedure. However, with the help of a qualified probate attorney, you can move through the process confidently, thoroughly, and efficiently. 

If the deceased person’s family and other beneficiaries are all in agreement and no one contests the will or other issues in court, you will be able to move through the process more quickly.

The Law Office of Amy L. Phillips, PLLC helps clients throughout the state of Florida to settle their loved one’s estate so they can look forward to the future.

We Help with Probate Cases in Florida

Depending on the assets and debts your loved one left behind, you can approach probate differently. The Law Office of Amy L. Phillips, PLLC offers several ways to help clients facing probate in Florida:

Summary Administration

For this procedure, you’ll submit a petition to the court asking the judge for a court order directing a financial institution to transfer funds directly to a beneficiary, or, in the case of real estate, a court order stating that the property now belongs to the beneficiary. If your summary administration petition is approved, you won’t have to become a personal representative or open an estate account. This will greatly decrease your time in probate.

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Full Administration

With this probate approach, you’ll get an order from the court appointing the personal representative for your loved one’s estate. After they are appointed, the personal representative will open an account, sell property if needed, pay off creditors, and distribute the estate funds to the proper parties. This process can take some time and will involve a judge, but in uncontested cases, hearings are very rare and most can be held virtually now. Full administration fees are set as flat fees or percentage-based, depending on the value of the estate and work and liability associated with administration.

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*These are our base prices for a typical probate case, but prices may vary if the case has unique issues that might come up like helping you to validate a will, litigation, creditor issues, or real estate transactions.

Working with a Florida Probate Attorney

Working with an experienced probate attorney in Florida is the best way to make sure you fulfill all the requirements and move through the probate process swiftly.

Our dedicated probate team can work with you to address the following issues:

  • Probate Preparation. A probate attorney can help you determine whether a loved one's estate will require you to open a probate case. You will also be able to better organize your loved one’s estate to streamline the probate process down the road.
  • Personal Representative Assistance. Being a personal representative for an estate in probate is a complicated process, but it is one with which your lawyer is familiar. Your attorney will help you perform your duties before any court deadlines to ensure the estate moves efficiently through the probate process.
  • Debts and/or Creditors. If your loved one owed debts, you need to identify those liabilities and discern which debts your loved one’s estate is responsible to pay. Your lawyer will help you gather information about the creditors and send them the proper notice to settle any outstanding debts and pay necessary taxes.
  • Distribution to Beneficiaries. After all your loved one’s debts have been settled, your lawyer will help you appropriately distribute the remaining funds to the beneficiaries of the estate and close your probate case.
  • Court Processes. Probate is like a puzzle, and a probate attorney can help you fit all the pieces together. By enlisting the help of a lawyer who is familiar with the nuances of Florida probate law, you’ll be able to file the right documents at the right time and resolve any other financial matters that may need attention.