Florida Probate Lawyer

Probate, the court-supervised process of distributing the assets and paying the debts of a person who has passed away, can be a lengthy and strenuous procedure. However, with the help of a qualified probate attorney, you can move through the process confidently, thoroughly, and efficiently. 

If the deceased person’s family and other beneficiaries are all in agreement and no one contests the will or other issues in court, you will be able to move through the process more quickly.

The Law Office of Amy L. Phillips, PLLC helps clients throughout the state of Florida to settle their loved one’s estate so they can look forward to the future.

Probate Packages

Summary Administration

Prices start at $1,850 so long as all beneficiaries are in agreement and there are no creditor issues. Administration involving a primary residence increases the price to $2,350. If problems arise with creditors or beneficiaries, or additional transactions are required, the price may increase.

Full Administration

If there are $100,000 or less in assets, the price for probate administration starts between $3,600-$4,100 with additional fees for complicating factors involving real estate, creditors, financial institutions, or beneficiaries. For estates valued at more than $100,000, the base fee depends on the size of the estate.

Hourly Aspects of Probate Cases

Things that don’t happen in every case: We will invoice hourly for certain situations (beneficiary issues including less-than full consent/waiver; creditor issues; involvement in real estate transactions; motions to sell real property; complex accounting; dealing with non-probate assets; discussions with additional family members; above-average level of assistance with gathering assets or organizing creditors, etc.). Clients should be prepared for some additional billing; above prices are based on what happens in every single case.