Meet With Us

Introductory Call

Are you looking for general information? Just a quick question? Click here to schedule a time for our case manager to call you.

These informal, complimentary calls can usually be scheduled within 1-2 days. We can’t give you legal advice on these calls, but it’s the perfect starting place if you’re not sure what you need, or have general questions.

Probate Call

Do you want to talk to us about a probate case? Click here to schedule a free evaluation of your probate case with our probate case manager.

During this half hour call, we’ll walk you through the probate process in general, and help determine your next steps.

Start Your Case Call

Are you ready to start your case? Click here to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Amy, where you can begin to develop your estate plan or set your probate case in motion.

These meetings require a $350 fee, half of which serves as a deposit toward your fees after you hire our firm. After scheduling, you’ll receive a confirmation with a link to pay the fee.

(If your fee is waived [e.g. former clients, webinar participants, etc.], please disregard the payment link.)